Why I hate Chelsea

I was playing FIFA15 and drew undeservedly because EA Sports decided to drop Mignolet down to 76.

Now it inspired to list out the five reasons why Chelsea is one of my most hated club:

  1. “Oh I used to support Chelsea before the money came in”
    This line is the most overused line from any Chelsea supporter. You ask them what team they like the most and they will say Chelsea but make it a point they did before Roman came in with the Russian money. However, when you ask them about life before Roman…
  2. Because they made Torres shit
    Fernando Torres was one of the most dangerous strikers and Chelsea bought him for 50million and turned him into a meme. On the other hand, Liverpool bought Sturridge and turned him into a monster , though a lot of credit goes to being paired with Suarez.And it’s not just Torres, but players like Hazard and Falcao are being turned into the scum football-park-the-bus-machine that is Chelsea. Absolute filth.
  3. They churn through managers like a sausage factory.
    What’s do Di Matteo (highly doubt any Chelsea fans know that name), Carlo Ancelotti and Moan-rin-ho have in common? They’ve all won trophies but still got the sack the following season because the big Russian man has a memory of the goldfish.
  4. Diego freaking Costa
    This guy is a grade A ass hole. Goes around stamping on people, pushing people, slide tackling at the ankles, shouting, and turning his back to his country because he wanted world cup glory.  And everytime he plays, he’s always doing something to antagonise someone. Referees should allow each team to punch Diego Costa three times before they do something.
  5. The obnoxious-moopy syndrome.
    When Chelsea won the league last year, you never heard the end of it. All my Chelsea-scum-FB friends changed their cover photo to the bus they won the league win and a photo of John Terry.But what about 2015-16? Dead quiet. Nothing. Quickly change profile picture to you and your mum. And when you bring it up, they get upset and get all defensive and crap. Legit response when I brought up Chelsea’s position on this year’s ladder
    Look, shut up, alright? I’ve had it. It’s not even a big deal. I’ve supported Chelsea before the money came in.


So when Chelsea play Arsenal this weekend, I’m hoping Diego Costa gets punched and gets sent off for being a dumbass.